Diamond Drag Engraving Services 

Custom Engraving Studio, LLC provides contract diamond drag engraving services to a broad range of industries including wholesale, corporate gifts, promotional items, private labeling, commercial and industrial manufacturers. Located in south central Pennsylvania we provide these services to companies throughout the United States by combining the latest engraving technology with the utmost attention to detail and unrivaled customer service. 


 We can diamond drag engrave objects for any purpose you may have.

We specialize in Promotional Products!


Diamond Drag Engraving

Diamond drag engraving or scratch engraving is the most common type of engraving. The process involves dragging a diamond across the material without using a spindle motor. The diamond removes the top layer of material to expose the bare metal underneath (gold if brass, silver if aluminum). If the material has a clear coating the engraved area can be oxidized to blacken it and provide a contrast to the background. If done well, diamond drag engraving can pass for hand engraving.


Diamond Drag Engraving is primarily used on metals.

 Golf Ball Marker Diamond Drag Engraved Air Cleaner Cover Diamond Drag Engraved 


The CNC accuracy of our equipment allows us to produce engravings that are clean and crisp. These engravings are indelible, add no contamination from inks or solvents and are difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate. Custom Engraving Studio,LLC has the capacity to repeatably create engravings on small products such as medical devices and electronic components rather than depending on paper labels.  Many of our clients have been able to reduce costs substantially through the elimination of alternate engraving methods and machining operations. 

Our goal is to be your preferred source for all engraving, marking, and cutting applications.

We can handle engraving jobs on all scales, even large volume production. We are equipped to handle all your engraving needs. 

The value and craftsmanship of our products are unparalleled. We take pride in the quality of service, our reasonable pricing, and on-time delivery. Contact us to discuss your specific engraving application, and our team will assist in guiding you through the process. 

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