Many years ago, after the new millennium, Darryl Wagner had interest in antiques. One day while at an antique auction he was walking through row after row of antique furniture. One piece stopped him and took his breath away. It was a tall phonograph from the 1920’s or 1930’s. On the front of the phonograph was an engraved carving of a beautiful lady in a long flowing dress reminiscent of that era. The carving appeared to be 3D, and he knew in those days there were no computers to do the art work, or the engravings.

He sat nearby the phonograph and watched across the auction as most people stopped to look at it, touch it, and talk about it. Some were so equally impressed with the antique phonograph they stood nearby it to see what it would auction for. That day he knew God had placed a promise in his heart.

After pondering about the idea, Darryl realized the decision was his to make. He began to research the idea of engraving, technologies, trends in the industry, and marketplace. He and his wife finally decided to buy the engraving equipment he needed to get started, and set it up in his garage. He worked tirelessly every day. Working long nights and weekends through the dead of winter in a cold, unheated garage.

Once they achieved the perfection they felt they needed to produce outstanding quality engravings. They believed it was time to start the business. Starting at his dining room table. His family and friends were among the first to buy from him. Word quickly spread and one customer lead to another. Soon boxes were stacking up four high in his dining room. The boxes began to over flow in to the basement, then the garage, and finally the bedrooms. He and his wife Joanne, would jokingly call the bedrooms; warehouse #1, warehouse #2, and warehouse #3. They knew it was time to move the business out of the house.

Darryl and Joanne decided to build a new building dedicated to the retail store and work shop. The building was completed early in 2017 where they operate out of it today. The business has grown significantly since they first started at the dining room table. Having shipped engraved awards and gifts to countries such as Germany, Norway, Canada, Malta, and Italy. Their company, Custom Engraving Studio is sought after by corporations and consumers from all over the world.


Darryl and his wife Joanne often wonder why their work is sought after so eagerly. They believe they are bringing the world of art and the world of engraving together. They named their company Custom Engraving Studio because ‘Custom’ means they are not afraid to leave their comfort zone and take on the unknown. They have already taken on work other engravers would not do. Engraving is the service they offer. Studio refers to the art, or artistic value they bring to the engraving world.


Custom Engraving Studio’s hand-crafted engravings are created by artisans who are committed to the utmost attention to detail, and respect our craft. Our artisans can create a light surface etch, engrave in to the material, or deep carve in the material to bring a 3D look to the engraving. All our engravings are carefully inspected before leaving our facility to ensure they meet or exceed customer expectations. The value and craftsmanship of our products are unparalleled. We take pride in the quality of our service, our reasonable pricing, and on-time delivery.


There are people who engrave and people who create one-of-a-kind heirlooms. We create exquisite works of art that will be cherished for generations. From lightly etched surfaces to deep-carved designs. When we combine these innovative methods, it adds prestige and richness to the engraving world. Utilizing our state-of-the-art machinery we can engrave materials such as glass, crystal, granite, marble, stone, brick, slate, ceramic, wood, and other materials.

Custom Engraving Studio offers thousands of engraved awards, plaques, trophies, promotional products, and engraved gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, Christmas and many other occasions.

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