Infulase Brick Engraving


Infulase Logo Brick and Tile Engraving

InfulaseTM is our unique process for laser engraving brick. Our non-contact process uses a high-power laser that directs energy in the form of light to the material. The intense heat causes the clay to rapidly melt and then cool into a black glass like substance. The process of turning a material in to glass is called vitrification.

InfulaseTM is a 100% natural process and even considered Green. No solvents, paint, ink, dye’s, epoxy, or other materials are used during our process. Our natural process produces a deep, smooth, hard, and permanent mark. The material produced from the InfulaseTM process is harder than the brick itself. During the InfulaseTM process the material is converted from clay to hardened glass. No material is removed from the brick itself. The InfulaseTM mark will remain beautiful and clear for generations to come.

Incredible Precision

Our lasers produce highly accurate and precise engraving on brick and tile that have deep, clean cuts and a smooth glass like finish.

Infinite Possibilities

We can use nearly any font, logo, emblem, clip art, or custom artwork. Our process is 100% computer controlled that increases accuracy while minimizing errors.

No cutting

Lasers do not use a blade, cutter, or any other tool to engrave the brick. These tools can weaken the brick and accelerate deterioration particularly along the edges of the mark causing the letters to become unreadable. Fillers are often used during these processes such as epoxy, or paint. If a filler is not used the brick will be porous. Water can collect in the pores accelerating deterioration.

No Maintenance

Dirt and debris can easily be washed away.

Lifetime Warranty

The mark the InfulaseTM process produces will outlast the brick itself. We guarantee it with a lifetime warranty.

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